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Best For

  • Career seekers interested in pursuing a university education and/or university graduates
  • Individuals looking for a comprehensive report and extensive interpretative resources
  • Career and guidance counselors who prefer to handle interpretation for their clients or students
  • Counselors looking for a variety of scoring options


What is the JVIS?

The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) is career interest assessment appropriate for use with high school, college and university students, and career planning with adults, including career changers. It consists of 289 pairs of statements describing job related activities. Scoring yields a gender-fair profile of the 34 basic interest scales. These scales encompass work roles relevant to a variety of occupations and work styles indicative of culture or environment preferences.


Why Should I Use the JVIS?

FORCED-CHOICE FORMAT. The JVIS employs a forced-choice format asking respondents to indicate a preference between two options. This format offers an improvement over Likert rating scales as it minimizes susceptibility to response bias and helps the test taker discriminate between career interests. Using forced-choice format eliminates this source of response bias.

CONVENIENT. The JVIS can be administered in 45 minutes on one of SIGMA’s online platforms – or Reports are generated immediately. Results are presented using graphs, numbers, scale descriptions, and job information that is insightful and easy to understand.

GENDER-FAIR. The JVIS places equal emphasis upon the measurement of interests of women and men. The survey was standardized in such a way that an equal number of males and females contributed to the selection of activities and scales, and activities were required to show discrimination of each sex separately. This format allows males and females to be measured in terms of a common set of interest dimensions which do not make discriminations on the basis of traditional “male” and “female” occupations.

Jackson Vocational Interest Survey Assessment Test

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