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Specialized Concerns


Sometimes we can’t stop worrying about things. Something just keeps circling in our mind and keeps us awake at night. We can’t stop worrying and ruminating about it yet there doesn't seem to be any apparent solution.

Maybe we feel like we’re living in constant fear and at times we just want to escape and run away. Maybe we’re so nervous in social situations that we don't perform our best at interviews or meetings, and we can rarely make new interpersonal relationships. Or, maybe there is something specific that we are scared of, and we feel like life would be much better if that fear is gone.


If this sounds like something you’re experiencing, let me help you discover your latent courage and combat this persevering terror.


There may be episodes in our life where we feel like we don’t want to do anything, we can't detect a trace of motivation. Even getting out of bed feels like an enormous challenge.

Or, perhaps we're used to living in a constant state of low energy. Things that we and others believe should be fun, are dull. 

We often think, what’s the point of all of this? Why do I have to do things? What for?  

This gigantic void inside us drains every bit of energy out, and we are left with a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness.

If this sounds like something you’re going through, let me help you clear the dark shadow and regain the lost purpose, energy, and joy.


Relationships can be so rewarding yet so difficult. It could at times feel like we would never find the right person. We go on dates after dates and it all ends in disappointment. We start to question, is it me? Am I the problem here?

Or, we think we found that person but it’s so hard to communicate with them, they just don’t seem to get what we’re saying, or they claim to understand our point yet never implement any real action. Disagreements and disappointments accumulate, and we start to question the necessity to continue.

Or, as time passes, passion fades, arguments grow. Our once romantic relationship now is filled with chores, kids, and individual phone time. Quality conversation becomes increasingly scarce. We wonder if our partner still loves us the same way as before, and whether that romantic spark can be lit up once again.

If this sounds like something you’re feeling, let me help you understand your relational needs and find effective ways to make your relationship work.

Couples Therapy
Anger Management

Sometimes we feel like something has taken control over us and we act in ways that hurt others and ourselves, physically and/or emotionally. Our relationships, friendships, career opportunities, or even freedom, may be destroyed due to uncontrollable anger and aggression.

We do things that lead to undesired consequences. We do things that we regret. We lash out at those who care for us the most and spend extended periods of time trying to fix the unfixable wounds we created.

It takes a huge toll on the people around us, and ourselves.


If this sounds like something you’re concerned about, let me help you find ways to manage the anger and respond to adversity with composure and calmness.


Relocating to a new environment can be overwhelming. Things are new, people are different. It’s hard to predict how people will respond to you because you don’t have a reliable point of reference.

Keeping up with the local school/work system may also be challenging due to language barrier and cultural barriers. Such barriers can make us feel like our talents aren't being recognized and utilized properly.

To top it off, building new, lasting high quality interpersonal relationships can be especially difficult a novel context, leaving us feel isolated and disconnected.


If you’re relocating and feel unease in the new environment, let me help you find ways to connect and reconnect.

Adolescent Therapy

There are many kinds of addiction: alcohol and substance, gambling, video game, certain behaviours, etc. Many of the addictions are related to internal reasons instead of physical dependence. It’s one thing to engage in a certain behaviour occasionally, such as having a glass of wine every now and then; it’s another thing to feel like we’re being controlled by it. Addictions can affect our relationships, family, occupational performance, overall functioning, etc. It also affects our self-perception, leading us to the swamp of self-loathing and resentment.


If addiction plays a role in your life, let me help you break free and regain control of your life.

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