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At Inner Strength Counselling, we aim to help you:

Build Resilience
Find Inner Peace 


Letter from Megan

As a family member –  I understand the impact our family of origin can have on our thoughts and emotions. I would like to help you draw connections between your past and present, aiming to break that feeling of being stuck and being held down by your past.


As a young adult – Teenage and young adulthood years can be a packed with problems. I’m here to help you dig and zero in on any of these matters so that you can be a conqueror of your life and the best version of yourself. 


As an immigrant – I came to Canada from a country with vastly different cultures and norms. Relocating can be anxiety-provoking. I understand and would like to discuss with you the exciting and the not-so-exciting parts of  moving to a place where you have no clue how everything runs.

As a person – I believe in always thriving to be your best and transform your potentials into reality. Life is hard, people can be mean, and sometimes you don’t even have control over yourself. Don’t let your psychology be the hinderance in your life. I’m eager to help you discover your deterministic power to transform conceptualization into action and bring yourself forward.

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